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Administration in Nawada

Nawada is both a city as well as a municipality. The city is also headquarters for Nawada district which lies in the state of Bihar. Nawada is a fast developing region and is one amongst the 38 districts in the state of Bihar. The district is popular for its beautiful temples. Historians are of the belief that it was a reputed religious center for Hindus at the time of Pals. The administrative structure of the city is very elaborate.

Nawada Administration

District Administration of Nawada

Nawada is one amongst five districts which are part of the Magadh division. There are 14 blocks included under Nawada. The city has a total population of 1,809,696 and its area is approximately 2,494 sqkm. The main agricultural crop for the people here is Paddy. And the main industry for them is Bidi factories. Sikri is said to be the main river of the town. If we talk about the literacy rate, it is at 46.83%. Furthermore, female literacy rate is at 32.17% and male literacy rate is at 60.58% . 

Nawada District Block List

There are fourteen blocks which fall under Nawada district. The list of these blocks is given below,

Akbarpur Block 
Gobindpur Block 
Hisua Block 
Kashi Chak Block 
Kawakol Block 
Meskaur Block 
Nardiganj Block 
Narhat Block 
Nawada Block 
Pakribarawan Block 
Rajauli Block 
Roh Block 
Sirdala Block 
Warisaliganj Block

Demography of Nawada

The total number of households in Nawada is 256,386. The number of rural households stand at 237,596 and urban household is at 18,790. If we check the female to male ratio it stands at 94.6%. 

Literacy Rate in Nawada 

The district literacy rate us at 46.83% in comparison to state literacy rate which is at 47%. Therefore, it can be seen that the state literacy rate is much higher than the district literacy rate. The government
should pay immediate attention and work out measures to improve it. The male literacy rate is at 60.58% and female literacy rate is at 32.17%. Urban literacy rate is at 71.13% and on the other hand rural literacy rate is at 44.74%. 

District Magistrate -Cum - Collector
Sri Lalan Jee, IAS
Nawada- 805110
Phone :  (O) 06324-212253,   (R) 06324-212240, Fax : 06324-212904 
E-mail :- dm-nawadah.bih@nic.in

Police Administration in Nawada

Nawada police force is said to be very strict and is vigilant about the happenings in the city. It is headed by Superintendent of police. The main and important duties of a police officer is to curb any kind of criminal activities, maintain law and order and keep a control over suspicious activities. One can find a number of police station throughout the city which have an efficient and hardworking network of police officers. The city police force is also known to deal strongly with people misbehaving with women or involved in eve teasing. The foremost duties of Superintendent of Police who heads the police force in Nawada district is maintenance of law and order. He is the main force behind various officers who gives them orders to perform their everyday tasks. The contact details of the Superintendent of Police of Nawada are as follows:

Superintendent of Police
Sri Chandrika Prasad, IPS
Nawada- 805110
Phone  : (O) 06324&214389,  (R)  06324-212263,  Fax:-06324-212263
E-mail :- sp-nawada-bih@nic.in 
List of Police stations in Nawada are,

Police Station
Sirdala, Nawada - 805127 

Police Station
Nawada H O, Nawada - 805110 

Police Station
Sahpur, Nawada H O, Nawada - 805110

Police Station
Sitamarhi, Nawada H O, Nawada - 805110 

Police Station
Roh, Nawada - 805141 

Police Station
Rupau, Nawada - 805107 

Police Station
Warisaliganj, Nawada - 805130 

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