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Art and Culture of Nawada

The city of Nawada is known for its beautiful temples and natural scenic beauty. Nalanda, Gaya and Bodh Gaya which are quite near to Nawada are known for their cultural ambiance. One can visit these places to get a taste of age old culture practiced in India. Nawada does not belong to people from any one religion. It is a place with people from all walks of life.

Culture in Nawada

Various beautiful Jain temples add to the beauty of Nawada. One can also find the followers of Islam known as Bihari Muslims. Bihari Muslims are mainly known to follow Sunni Islam of the Hanafi School. However, we can also find a small Shia minority. Hindi, Magahi and Urdu are the main languages spoken in the area. Moreover, English language is also spoken by the young ones

Costumes in Nawada

In Nawada as well women love getting dressed up in sari and it is the most popular attire here. With time, salwar kameez has also gained much popularity especially among the youth. One can find people in Nawada dressed up as per the occasion. Men love wearing dhoti and kurta and even other traditional outfits. However, the young generation can be seen in jeans and t shirts. They are slowly and steadily adopting the western culture but still they follow their old traditions and customs as well.

Festivals in Nawada

Chatth Puja is worship of Sun God. It is celebrated all over and especially in Bihar with pomp and grandeur. The city is known for its festivals and fairs. Shivratri is another festival celebrate in worship of Lord Shiva.

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