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Festivals in Nawada

Nawada has been influenced by rulers who have ruled the place over several centuries. Some of the major dynasties which have ruled over Nawada are Maurya, Gupta, Brihadratha and Kanah. During the rule of Palis, the city was said to be a religious center of Hindu community. 

Even though all the famous Indian festivals are celebrated in Nawada, but there are few annual events and local festivals which are celebrated in and around the city. Given below is a list of the main festivals which are celebrated here:


Maha Shivratri is celebrated in the month of February or March. It is called the  'Great Night of Shiva' and in reverence of Lord Shiva. The festival is said to be Shiva's marriage anniversary. Both married as well as unmarried women keep a fast to seek Shiva's blessings. Unmarried girls keep fast for getting an ideal husband and married women observe fast for the well being of their husbands. The temples are full with long queues with people coming from all over to pay homage to Shiva.


Holi comes in the month of March and is said to be the festival of colors and of love. Holi is an ancient Hindu festival which is popular not only in different parts of South Asia, it is also celebrated in communities outside Asia. On this festival people from all over come together to play with colors and distribute sweets amongst each other.

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is celebrated in October in the worship of Goddess Durga. The festival is in victory of Goddess Durga over evil. Therefore, it is the victory of good over evil. The dates of Durga puja are set as per the Hindu calendar. People in Nawada come together to worship Durga and observe fast in order to please their deity.


The festival of Diwali is known as "festival of lights". It is an ancient Hindu festival which is celebrated in the month of November. The festival is said to be in reverence to victory of light over darkness and good over evil. In Nawada, people come together to light diyas and decorate their homes with light. People do puja and decorate their mandir at home.

Chatt Puja

Chatt Puja is a famous festival which is celebrated all over Bihar. It falls on the 6th day of Diwali and is in reverence to Sun god. People in Nawada visit art and culture programmes and even folk dances including dance performances which take place all over the city.

Festivals are said to be the heart of people's lives in India. They depict different cultures and traditions of India. People come together to celebrate this festivals with family and friends.

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