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Nawada Tourism

The beautiful city of Nawada is a must visit for every traveller. There is so much to see and enjoy in Nawada from its historical monuments, museums and not to forget the religious sites. Whether you are visiting Nawada for work or leisure don't forget to spend quality time to explore the city. In modern times, people love to travel to different places far away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life. Everyone wants to spend time with family and friends and even to celebrate special occasions, Nawada is a perfect choice to visit.

Famous Tourist Destination In and Around Nawada City

Tourism in Nawada

Tourists would feel enlightened with the religious atmosphere of Nawada. The beautiful temples are a must visit to experience the real beauty of the place. Some of the well known temples in the city are given below,

  • Baba Bholenath Mandir
  • Baba Bishkarma Mandir
  • Bindhyawasini Mandir
  • Jalal Bukhari Baba Dargah
  • Parjatantra Dwar
  • Parvati Mandir
  • Radha Krishna Mandir
  • Sadhbhawbna Chowk
  • Santoshi Mata Mandir
  • Sri Sankat Mochan Mandir
  • Suryanarayan Bhagwan Mandir

Baba Bholenath Mandir

The temple holds great esteem in the hearts of many people. A number of devotees visit the temple of Mahashivratri to offer their prayers and take the blessings of Lord Shiva. To give respect to their deity people observe fast and stay awake throughout the night.

Baba Bishkarma Mandir

This temple is dedicated to the creator of Universe, Lord Vishwakarma. He is said to be the master of Fine Art. He had build the Golden Lanks now known as Sri Lanka. There are many scriptures which talk about his contribution to build important cities and structures.

Bindhyawasini Mandir

Bindhyawasini Mandir is decorated and looks very appealing during Dasara, Durgastami and Diwali. Devotees are seen offering their prayers to Goddess Devi.

Jalal Bukhari Baba Dargah

A large number of people come to visit Jalal Bukhari Baba Dargah to pray and receive the blessings of their God. This Dargah had been built in commemoration of Jalal Bukhari Baba.

Parjatantra Dwar

Parjatantra Dwar which is said to be the entrance door is located in the centre of the city. It is a popular entrance which had been constructed in 1950 AD.

Parvati Mandir

The Parvati Mandir is flocked by devotees all round the year. It is one of the most visited religious place in Nawada. People come to pay respect to Goddess not just from Nawada but also from surrounding areas. The temple looks grand on Mahashivratri.

Radha Krishna Mandir

People come to visit the temple even from nearby villages. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha.

Sadhbhawbna Chowk

It is a central point crossing among locals and people of nearby villages. The place attracts many tourist who come to see its architecture. This popular landmark was built for restoration of peace. Both social activists and peace observers are seen conducting rallies from here.
Santoshi Mata Mandir

Santoshi Mata Mandir is an important Hindu attraction for Nawada people as well as tourists. People come to visit the place in bulk and to offer their prayers to the goddess. People also keep Santoshi Mata Vrata.

Sobhnath Panchmukhi Mahadev Mandir

The temple has the idol of Lord Shiva and known for its sanctity. The scenic view around the temple is eye capturing and very picturesque. People come to witness the constructional brilliance of this temple. Mahashivratri is the main festival of this temple and the Shivlinga is decorated in a different manner. 

Sri Sankat Mochan Mandir

The temple is fully packed with devotees at the time of festivals and people come to offer prayers to Lord Hanuman.

Suryanarayan Bhagwan Mandir

The temple is dedicated to Sun god. The temple is located near to the city and is easily reachable.

Transport in Nawada

Nawada is well connected is well connected by both roadways and railways. The city lies in the state of Bihar and is a must visit place.

Air Connectivity

Nawada is well linked to Patna which is also the nearest airport for the district. One can catch regular flights from Patna to Delhi. Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Ranchi, Varanasi and Kathmandu. Since, Nawada does not have an airport of its own, another nearest airport to the district is Gaya Airport. Nawada is 58 kms from Gaya. Airport and 84 kms from Patna Airport.

Road Connectivity

The district is easily reachable via roadways from Nalanda. The road distance between Nawada and Patna is 99 kms and the aerial distance is 84 kms. Since no direct flights are available from Nawada to Patna, it is advisable to catch a taxi. It is the cheapest and fastest way to commute. One should take a taxi from Nawada to Pawapuri and then take take Shramjeevi Express from Pawapuri to Patna. There are regular buses from all the major cities to Nawada.

Rail Connectivity

The city is connected directly to Sheikhapura and Lakhisarai railway station. There are many trains which one can take from all major cities to Nawada. The railway station is known as Nawadah (NWD)

Hotels in Nawada

Nawada offers cheap accommodation as well as accommodation even in luxury hotels to its tourists. It is mandatory for anyone travelling to a new place to keep a list of some of the best hotels where you would like to stay in handy. This would definitely help in short listing a good hotel as per your convenience. Some of the hotels in Nawada are listed below,

Hotal Raj Shree International
Address: 561,Station Road, Near Canara Bank Nawada- 805110
Phone: 09431227029

Hotel Siddharth
Address: Station Road,near Munnu Saran Band, Nawada
Phone: 09334452100

Hotel Rose Valley Gaya
Address: Station Road, Gaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 084 20 198797
Rates: 5500 - 6500

Hotel Galaxy Intercontinental

Address: Nigma Temple Road, Bodhgaya, Bihar
Phone: 0631 220 0006
Website: www.hotelgalaxy.in
Rates: 2100 - 1300

Hotel Prince

Address: Birla Road,Near Mahabodhi Society, Bodhgaya, India
Phone: 0631 220 0380
Rates: 2974 - 6000

Thai International

Address: Opp.Japanese Temple,Mastipur, Bodhgaya
Phone: 095 70 560240
Rates: 1800 - 5500

Niranjana Resort
Address: River Side, Near Bodhgaya Block Bldg., Amwan,Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 0007
Website: www.niranjanaresort.com
Rates: 4300 - 7000

Hotel Tathagat International

Address: Near Mahabodhi Main Temple, Birla Dharamshala Road, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 0107
Website: www.hoteltathagatbodhgaya.com
Rates: 4297 - 4834

Hotel Bodhagaya Gautam
Address: Domuhan Road, Baiju Bigha
Rates: 3100 - 5800

Hotel Lumbini International
Address: Great Buddha Road ,Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 0351
Website: www.hotellumbiniinternational.com
Rates: 4500 - 5000

Hotel Delta International

Address: Do Muhan Road, Bodhgaya Vihar, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 0854
Rates: 6500 - 7000

Hotel Taj Darbar
Address: Gaya District, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 1178
Website: www.hoteltajdarbar.com
Rates: 2000 - 1600

Hotel Embassy
Address: Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 0631 220 0711
Website: www.hotelembassybodhgaya.com
Rates: 4500 - 7000

Hotel Buddha International
Address: Near Japanese Temple, Bodhgaya, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Phone: 095 04 420009
Website: www.hotelbuddhainternational.com
Rates: 1600 - 1800

Ramsons International
Address: 302,Shanti Priya Apartment,Bowring Road,(behind Oasis Restaurant)
Rates: 2800 - 7500

Best Time to visit Nawada

The climate of Nawada is sub tropical and sub humid. In the winter season, there is much more rainfall than the summer season. The annual temperature on an average stays at 26.3 °C and average rainfall is at 1368 mm. December is said to be the driest month with only 2 mm rainfall. The maximum  precipitation is in the month of July at 320 mm. May is the warmest month of the year and average temperature is 30.5 °C. In the month of January, the average temperature is around 18.8 °C and it is also the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

Shopping in Nawada

After a long day at sightseeing, one can spend time at shopping in Nawada. There are many shops which offer good variety in men, women and children clothing. Everyone wants to wear smart clothes and these shop provide both traditional and western wear. Some of the shops where on can go for shopping in Nawada are:

Cotton County
Address: Station Road, Nawada

Yamuna Shopping Complex
Address: Kachahari Road, Nawada

Vishal Market
Address:State Highway 8, Roh, Nawada

Address: Rajghara Megamart, Beside The Raymond Shop, Nawada

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